Heartland Coca-Cola Production Facility and Wildwood Outdoor Education Center developed a partnership in 2019 when the Production Facility’s leadership became aware of Wildwood providing outdoor educational opportunities to underserved communities in the Kansas City area. In 2020, the Lenexa Production Hometown adopted Wildwood’s Meadow View Cabin, which hosts up to 48 campers per week during the summer months. Employees modernized the cabin by painting the walls and bunk beds, adding cubbies for storage and games on the walls, enhancing the landscape, and adding a ceiling fan and outdoor lighting that is Coca-Cola red. Lenexa Production Hometown’s Green Team donated 23 rain barrels painted by the campers and distributed them to the KC Community Partner and Youth Gardens.

In June, Lenexa Production Hometown hosted a fundraiser for Wildwood called “Making a Splash for Your Community.” Employees purchased water balloons for a fee to splash leadership in a friendly water balloon event. This event raised a total of $2,300 that was donated to Wildwood for the use of the camper’s needs, including supplies and meals.

Lenexa Production Hometown also donated a bike to the camper who displayed continuous leadership skills and respect. Two campers who assisted with a painting that camper’s rain barrel received Heartland Coca-Cola bookbags. We’re proud to be involved with Wildwood, as it continues to provide KC’s area youth opportunities to learn and grow together, transforming summer into a season of learning, youth development, and outdoor adventure. This summer program immerses youth in the natural world while building relationships in a camp setting to achieve measurable outcomes leading to lifelong personal and economic success. Lenexa Production Hometown employees are looking forward to the continued partnership!