The 2019 Quincy flood came within one foot of the 1993 all-time highest Quincy area Mississippi River flood level which stood 32.19 feet according to Lock & Dam 21 measurement. After the storm hit, The Central Illinois team knew the city there was in need so they worked with their sales team to reach out to local contacts to see how Heart-land Coca-Cola could help with the flooding. Erik Dolieslager, MDM Quincy reached out to the Red Cross and Salvation Army and asked if their organizations would be willing to receive a water donation from Heartland Coca-Cola to support the volunteer regional sandbagging efforts and to assist families directly impacted by the flood devastation of homes, businesses, etc. We donated six pallets of Dasani water to the Red Cross and Salvation Army locations across the Tri-Region. Aron Leirer, DSM Home Market, also partnered with Hy-Vee and County Mar-ket on some Dasani water and brought in extra pallets to help locally as well with four pallets of Dasani. When disaster hits you can always see the true character of the community. Thank you, Central IL, for always putting our customers first in a time of need.