At Heartland Coca-Cola, we take pride in our drivers who go above and beyond to deliver not just beverages but also hope and support to our communities. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that all 48 drivers who completed our CDL Certification program have also earned their certification from Truckers Against Trafficking.

This achievement is more than just a badge; it’s a commitment to a higher purpose. Through this impactful training, our drivers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognize and combat human trafficking. By being vigilant and informed, they become powerful advocates for those vulnerable to exploitation.

At Heartland Coca-Cola, we’re not just on the road but a force driving change. Our drivers exemplify our integrity, compassion, and service values, and we’re proud to stand beside them as they make a difference in the world.

Together, we’re not just delivering the best-tasting beverages; we’re also providing hope and protection to those who need it most. Thank you to our drivers for their dedication to making our communities safer and more robust.