Last year, women leaders across Heartland gathered in St. Charles for the first-ever Heartland Women Leadership Summit. The Summit provided panel discussions, guest speakers, and activities that focused on motivating and empowering our women leaders. The goal of the summit was to encourage our women leaders to be better, bolder, and more significant risk-takers as they continue breaking barriers in their careers. Breakout sessions provided an opportunity for our associates to enhance their leadership skills, network, and share best practices. The Summit also included five inspiring guest speakers from various walks of life and backgrounds. These speakers enriched the audience with lessons learned, unique perspectives, and actionable takeaways for professional development and self-empowerment. Cheryl Frank, Heartlands Learning and Development Manager, said, “The Summit was an opportunity for the women to connect, to see each other as resources, and to build relationships that would benefit their career and Heartland. This event was about learning that everyone has a story and what that story not only means to them but also how their story can impact others.” The Summit was an impactful experience as Heartland continues to create a culture that advocates for gender equality and develops, promotes, and empowers women.