Recently, our Kansas City team accomplished a massive win with our Ball Food stores in the Kansas City Metro area with one of the biggest cooler takeovers to date. Ball Food Stores own part of Price Chopper, all of local Hen House, and several Sun Fresh locations totaling 26 stores across the KC area. With a new contract in place, all fast lane refrigerating units now comprise 75% of Coca-Cola products. Monster brands are also now available cold and Gold Peak, and Smartwater. With additional flavors of 20oz Sparkling Soft Drinks.

Over three days, our team installed 270 new coolers and stocked over 1,300 cases of product at 26 different stores. This was the first time Heartland had installed this amount of equipment in three days. This takeover wouldn’t have been possible without every department working together and doing their part. From service technicians to drivers to our merchandisers and account managers, every person played a critical role in making this a reality.