For the last two months, Dayla Cates, our Lenexa Supply Planning Transportation Analyst, in conjunction with our Hometown Operations and Warehouse Teams, has been going above and beyond, showing appreciation to our Heartland employees. Dayla has been traveling across Heartland to personally thank our Heartland Carriers and surprise them with a gift. Carriers are a significant key to Heartland’s success. They travel hundreds of miles daily transporting total goods between Lenexa production, other Coca-Cola bottlers, and suppliers to our Hometown DCs. These carriers picked up and delivered over 28,000 loads and 47,500,000 cases in 2021.

The appreciation gifts included – 1 can of each a 12oz Coke, 12oz Diet Coke, 12oz Sprite, assorted snacks, an embroidered Heartland Coca-Cola hat, and thank you cards from Heartland.

Thank you, Dayla, for going out of your way to thank our team members who play a critical role in our success. Even though this seems like a small gesture, recognizing and showing appreciation to those around you can go a long way.