In September, our Kansas City Hometown Transportation team hosted and coordinated the 1st Annual Bottler’s Transportation Summit. Independent Bottlers from across the country traveled to Kansas City for a two-day summit at the beautiful Children’s Mercy Park, home of our partners, Sporting Kansas City. Over the course of the two days, representatives from Liberty Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Northeast, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Coke Florida, Coca-Cola United, Southwest Coca-Cola, Swire Coca-Cola, Reyes Coca-Cola, Atlantic Coca-Cola, NAOU Transportations, GLS, CCBSS, and CEPG shared best practices, innovative ideas, processes, and technologies. As a bottling system, we understand that we are one unit, so it was refreshing to build collaborative relationships with the other bottlers to help improve how everyone goes to business and serves their customers.