Heartland Is filled with talented individuals with hidden skills you couldn’t imagine, such as our Business Process Lead for Delivery, Curtis Akerman! Ten years ago, Curtis started picking up vintage toys from flea markets that reminded him of his childhood, and he began restoring them. During that process, he stumbled upon a new action figure line called Mythic Legions, based on sword and sorcery. Unlike most lines where the highlight is opening the figure, the Mythic Legion’s line community encourages you to customize your figure into your own creation. Curtis started by making simple modifications, then fell in love with creating his own. Curtis’s figurines are awe-inspiring works of art. Modifications can range from simple changes that can be accomplished over a single weekend, but most are in various stages of creation that can take multiple weeks or even months. In the last ten years, Curtis has created more than 120 customs. His inspiration comes from all over, primarily from childhood memories of watching sword and sorcery movies with his mom. Creating these custom figurines has become Curtis’s passion and has provided him with a supportive and welcoming community. His hobby has also become a positive tool in dealing with his anxiety and panic disorder. His disorder can be debilitating at times, but when he is painting, he can hyper-focus on the details he is creating, which as a result, causes his anxiety or intrusive thoughts to fade away.
You can see more of Curtis’s artwork by visiting his Instagram page. @Art_by_Akerman