Ultramarathons give the phrase “going the distance” a whole new meaning. Only .03 of the U.S. population participates in these endurance races that trek beyond the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles. On April 17, Joshua Watson, Topeka warehouse associate, and Devin Nelson, Topeka lead driver, were two of 26 runners who participated in the Flatrock 101K in Independence, Kansas. Both Devin and Joshua completed 62+ miles through a highly technical rocky trail system.

It’s no secret it takes a tremendous amount of mental and physical discipline to complete these races, but like in everything, the key to success is consistency. Joshua said, “Not only do you have to train your body, but you must train the mind to be able to get yourself through races that may last 15-30 hours.” Joshua has run over 33 Ultra Marathons, 12 marathons, and 33 half marathons. He has attempted four 100-milers and completed two of them.

Devin agreed that consistency and preparation are essential, and the long days at Coca-Cola help. Devin has participated in numerous obstacle course races. He ran his first trail marathon in September 2019 and his first ultramarathon in October. He completed his first 100 milers in November 2020.

Though painful and tiring at times, both runners agreed that it’s one of the most satisfying accomplishments knowing that you accomplished something 99% of the population would never even attempt. Congratulations to both Devin and Joshua on this tremendous accomplishment!