We are committed to partnering with our customers through innovative promotions and initiatives to grow their business and ours. Our customers at Haag Oil have 29 stores, predominantly in the Topeka area. Last year Haag Oil challenged our Topeka team to think outside the box and create a big promotion for their stores. Unsurprisingly, our team rose to the occasion and created a promotion that exceeded all expectations.  

Previously Haag had launched a successful Pump for Puppies promotion where at their largest Store, Max’s, they donated $.02 of every gallon purchased on pumps 11 and 12 to the local humane society. Our team believed they could build off that successful idea while adding a Heartland spin. And from there, the Powerade for Puppies promotion with Haag Oil was created. During July 2022, when customers purchased a Powerade at any of their locations, Haag Oil would donate $.15 per bottle to the Helping Hands Humane Society.

The promotion succeeded, and our team raised $3,500 for the Helping Hands Humane Society. The partnerships with our customers mean everything, and our Topeka team’s ability to think outside the box to grow both our businesses is exactly what we mean when we say building together.